What is an Archontic Enabler or Matrix Agent?

The Matrix - UNLOCKING MINDS ( Woman in Red ):

How To Identify An Agent || Lower Level Agents:

Are You Possessed?
Lightworkers, The Matrix, Archons, The New Age and the Lords of Karma:

"These creatures may look like individuals but they belong to the evil "hive mind"....which is one. They're all a "Mr. Smith". They're here to destroy and collect info for their master..satan. I will not go out quietly nor will I hide from these creatures either. An uprising is happening by all empaths. To these abominable and abusive narcs that are reprobate...run. We're gonna find you and then you creatures will answer for every low down cruel things you've done in front of God the Creator. Heres the thing creatures...pay attention...we will all out run you. In the end...we win. : )
God bless all of you empaths." ― Elizabeth Collier